What Ratings Results can do for you

  • Focus Groups. We can conduct blind or LAB-style focus groups to learn the true perceptions of your station in a market overview, then drill down to any specific station issues that might exist.
  • Ratings Analysis. We can do thorough ratings analysis – either PPM or Diary – to learn who’s listening, where, when, how often, how long, what they call you, where they go when they flip you off and much more. Diary reviews can bring some surprising misconceptions to light.
  • Which listeners matter? We can identify the type of listener who is most likely to say, “Yes” when Arbitron calls and understand what motivates them.
  • Music Research. We can conduct on-line or auditorium-style music tests to help you determine which songs are popular and appropriate.
  • Air Talent Coaching. When was the last time your on-air personalities had an honest, objective aircheck session? We can identify any delivery issues and content crutches and help bring out the best in your Talent.
  • Production Review. Is your in-house production of spots and promos the best it can be? Great production on the local level can make a huge difference in ratings and sales.
  • Online Branding. Does your web site truly reflect your brand? It is easy to navigate? Are there client opportunities that rise above simple banner ads? Does your streaming sound as great as it can? We offer a full review and viable options to help you maximize your digital platform.
  • Marketing Review. Are listeners aware of your external marketing? Are they hearing the message that you want them to hear? Is it credible? We can make sure that you’re barking up the right tree and that your bark is heard by the right people.

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